School Council 2013-14

14 11 2013

This is a list of new school councillors as voted by Brookburn children

Y6 – Olivia, Adam, Tilly and Callum

Y5 – Joe, Bea, Adam and Alice

Y4 – Samuel, Nylah, Danny and Rimsha

Y3 – Kit, Hattie, Jack and Evie

Please feel free to bring any ideas you would like the School Council to raise with Miss Ferris to enhance your time at Brookburn.





3 responses to “School Council 2013-14”

    9 02 2014
      Romessa (12:00:38) :     

    Gymnastics for golden time with the mats and history day where we dress as Queen Victoria and Charles the ll.

    7 02 2014
      Anais (17:27:59) :     

    Tennis club for KS2 at golden time.French day were we have French food for lunch and we weir French clothes .Coocking day.

    17 11 2013
      Miss Ferris (09:28:33) :     

    Just wanted to say-‘Well done!’ To our new School Council for finding out what children wanted to dress as for Children in Need day. It was a huge success with children and staff wearing some very creative costumes so that we all enjoyed it and raised lots. When your treasurer finds out from the office(Mrs Clarke) how much we raised , please can you let all the children know.
    Thank you.

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