Welcome to our school council blog!

11 02 2010

Hi, we are your school council.  We are:

Y6 – Michael, Eliya, Ben and Millie

Y5 – Jacob, Georgina, Jake and Izzy

Y4 – Mohammed, Madeline, Callum and Natasha

Y3 – Oliver, Ronya, Rufus and Bella

You can use this page to just say hi, or to ask us any questions that we don’t have time to answer in class.



13 responses to “Welcome to our school council blog!”

    27 03 2014
      callum (14:14:01) :     

    I think are den name should be called Dolphin Den.Just so you all know that the den should be done just after Easter. YYYAAAAYYYYY.What do you think the den be called,i’ll leave you all the options:
    The Den
    The Jungle System
    Dolphin Den
    Mcdenalds(note this probably wont happen)
    Dragons Den
    Tell you’re class Counciler’s what you think it should be called!

    28 01 2013
      Sophie, Ella and Caroline (11:36:45) :     

    We are doing about school council’s at high school any tips? Do you remember Ella, it is me and two of my best friends Sophie and Caroline at sgs! Please give us tips Mrs Mckessey!xxx

    Love you very much from Sophie
    Hi you rock from Caroline
    Yo from Ella

    17 11 2012
      Jake (11:06:21) :     

    These are last years they need to be changed.

    2 06 2012
      Fatima (miss Jopling) (22:59:16) :     

    Hi school council

    17 01 2012
      eiad dadah (14:29:35) :     

    Hi Finn, Hope, Lucas and Ella. I miss u guys so much and question guy (he nows his self).Hi hope, hows your life.

    17 01 2012
      eiad dadah (14:28:06) :     

    Hi Finn, Hope, Lucas and Ella. I miss u guys so much and question guy (he nows his self)

    13 08 2010
      Dominique (01:29:25) :     

    Its really big shame that i won’t be coming back this month… oh well. I wish i could come back though, everybody does ! 🙁

    24 03 2010
      Kiri (Seamus' Mum) (17:31:02) :     

    Keep up the great work School Council! I will send in some paper for you.

    15 03 2010
      faye (15:22:58) :     

    hi 🙂 I hope you enjoy running a school concil blog.

    3 03 2010
      Kathryn (20:07:30) :     

    Hi school council I agree with Miss Taylor it’s great you have a page on the blog.

    1 03 2010
      Miss Taylor (20:28:17) :     

    Hi School Council, it’s brilliant that you’ve got your own page.

    1 03 2010
      Alice (19:46:26) :     

    same here i love you all

    20 02 2010
      sachaY4 (09:39:08) :     

    Hi school council,
    I just wanted to say hi.

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