Raising money for Golden Time craft resources.

11 02 2010

Lots of people said that they liked the idea of doing a craft activity as a Golden Time choice.  The problem is that we don’t have any money to buy resources such as Pritt sticks, PVA glue, paper, crepe paper or tracing paper.

We are trying to collect ideas about how we can raise money to buy these things.  If you have any great ideas please blog to let us know.

Also, if you can think of other resources that would be useful then tell us those too.


If you have any resources that you don’t need (paper, material, paint…) please could you send them in with your child, to be given to Mrs. Mckessy.



5 responses to “Raising money for Golden Time craft resources.”

    21 06 2012
      Ella (12:02:31) :     

    Please bring in as much things as possible if you wish for a crafty golden time activity!

    Thank You,
    Ella Newton,
    Y6 School Councillor

    21 06 2012
      Ella (12:01:02) :     

    Thank you. I am a year 6 school councillor! Everyone is happy about having birthday sweets back thanks to many parents! If you wish your child doesn’t want birthday sweets please speak to their teacher!

    Thank You,
    Ella Newton,
    Y6 School Councillor

    2 10 2011
      Lakisha (05:46:51) :     

    Your story was really informative, thkans!

    14 12 2010
      Isabel .b (16:40:56) :     

    we coud have bring a teddy to school day and we would have to bring in£1

    9 07 2010
      monica[orlaith's mum] (13:38:04) :     

    Im allowing orlaith to have birthday sweets if that is the majority outcome.

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