26th march 2014 friday (mr.s)

27 03 2014

On sports day Mr. Summner didn’t do the sponges. This is because we had so many other fun things planned that we didn’t have time, therefore Mr. Summner will be doing it tommorw (Friday 27th) It will cost 20p for one throw and 50p for 3. All the money raised will of course be going to sport relief. We are also very sorry for such short notice, although your school conzil should have told you. Yours sincerly,
your year 6 school councillors.


27 02 2014

Next week is World Book Week and we would like to know if there are any books you could recommend to add to our book collections for taking home.


6 02 2014

At today’s meeting,we discussed what to call our den area and activities for Sport Relief.

Please feel free to leave any comments or ideas on the blog or speak to your class councilors 🙂

2014 school council

6 02 2014

Hi we are looking forward to representing brookburn this year, if you have any suggestions or ideas for the school let us know by leaving a comment or telling your leaders.

School Council 2013-14

14 11 2013

This is a list of new school councillors as voted by Brookburn children

Y6 – Olivia, Adam, Tilly and Callum

Y5 – Joe, Bea, Adam and Alice

Y4 – Samuel, Nylah, Danny and Rimsha

Y3 – Kit, Hattie, Jack and Evie

Please feel free to bring any ideas you would like the School Council to raise with Miss Ferris to enhance your time at Brookburn.



Birthday Sweets – Presentation to the governors

25 11 2010

Birthday Sweets

8 07 2010

This year, one of the main issues classes have asked School Council to discuss is that of sweets being brought into school as part of birthday celebrations. This was stopped a while ago as part of the healthy schools initiative.

The children of Brookburn Primary, however, have made the following points:

• It is nice to celebrate your birthday at school.
• It teaches children about sharing.
• Staff have birthday celebrations, including cakes.
• We have been taught about balanced diets and sweets are ok when eaten occasionally.
• It’s a fun part of your birthday if it’s on a school day.
• The small amount of sweets brought in over a year won’t make children obese.
• Most people in school – including adults want birthday sweets back.
• Individual classes are aware of children who cannot have certain sweets for medical or religious reasons and they would make sure these children are not left out.
• It makes everyone happy at the end of the day.
• It is not something that would be happening every week.
• What is more important, a happy school or an award?

We have taken the issue to Miss Ferris and she feels that all people linked with the school should be involved in the decision. We would like to know your views as parents on this issue.

“The children feel very strongly about this. Please do not let them down” Ruby Y5/6

Raising money for Golden Time craft resources.

11 02 2010

Lots of people said that they liked the idea of doing a craft activity as a Golden Time choice.  The problem is that we don’t have any money to buy resources such as Pritt sticks, PVA glue, paper, crepe paper or tracing paper.

We are trying to collect ideas about how we can raise money to buy these things.  If you have any great ideas please blog to let us know.

Also, if you can think of other resources that would be useful then tell us those too.


If you have any resources that you don’t need (paper, material, paint…) please could you send them in with your child, to be given to Mrs. Mckessy.

Welcome to our school council blog!

11 02 2010

Hi, we are your school council.  We are:

Y6 – Michael, Eliya, Ben and Millie

Y5 – Jacob, Georgina, Jake and Izzy

Y4 – Mohammed, Madeline, Callum and Natasha

Y3 – Oliver, Ronya, Rufus and Bella

You can use this page to just say hi, or to ask us any questions that we don’t have time to answer in class.